How to buy or build your own custom mini chopper

Why Get a Custom Mini Chopper?

Is this you? You've seen the high dollar choppers on TV and there's no way you can afford one, but they look SO good! You want to try your hand at building a chopper but you're not ready to lay out the bucks for the custom parts and wheels needed to get the project together. Your son keeps bugging you for a motorcycle "just like Dad's" but he's 10 years old. What's the answer? Custom mini choppers. They have the look of the big bikes but they're just a bit smaller, OK, some of them are a lot smaller, but they still look very cool.

Why Are Custom Mini Choppers So Popular?

Custom mini choppers have been popular for a long time now and you can get into this hobby without a second mortgage. You can learn how to weld up a frame, apply powder coating, lay down some wicked flames on the tank and fenders and have something truly unique. Even if you buy your mini chopper complete you can still customize it and make it like no one else's. Of course, you can just buy one and ride it, too. Forget the tools and paint and just go have fun. No matter which route works for you, a custom mini chopper motorcycle will make you smile!

How Much Does a Custom Mini Chopper Cost?

Of course, just like with full size motorcycles, there are riders who will only buy American made bikes and others who ride imports. There are many companies in the U.S. that are building custom mini choppers using all of the same technical and artistic skills used on $30,000+ full size creations but these mini beauties sell for 1/10 of that, though prices vary widely, some choppers are under $1000, some are close to $10,000!

Are Mini Choppers Worth the Money?

The build quality of some of these bikes is absolutely stunning. Custom mini choppers often have the appearance of the full size customs turned out by Orange County Choppers and other top builders with custom flame painting that is every bit as professional as anything you'll see on the full size bikes. Of course, you don't have to go for the highest priced models, you can get something a lot more affordable and do your own customizing. It's also a better place to try your hand at custom paint before you tackle a Harley or other full size bike.

Are You a Hands-On Guy (or Gal)? How About a Mini Chopper Kit?

Are you happier in the garage than in your living room? Is a wrench a natural extension of your hand? You can buy mini chopper kits and assemble the bike yourself or build one from scratch with plans, steel tubing, a welder and a selection of parts. You can powder coat the frame, paint flames and then pinstripe for that finishing touch. What a great way to learn some new skills or get better at some you already have! How about building one as a father-son project? If you get really good you might try your hand at a full size bike. Who knows, you might find yourself on TV on a biker build off!

What About Pocket Bikes?

If racing is your hot button, pocket bikes are just the ticket. Pocket bikes are the sport bike segment of this mini industry. Modeled after racers like the Honda's, Aprilia's and Ducati's, they can be a fast ride around the pits when you're at the race track, but better yet, these mighty mini's even have their own organized racing. Some can go 50mph and more which makes for real excitement when you're only inches off the asphalt.

Research here and relax: can help you navigate this fast growing field and assist in your search for information, discounts and special offers on whatever you need: custom painting supplies, mini chopper parts, a ready to ride mini chopper motorcycle or just a book or video to show you how to develop your flame painting skills. Look around the site and see if something catches your eye. Then, hang on for the ride!