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Mini chopper engines by Briggs and Stratton - popular, powerful and reliable

If you've been around for a few years (that's a nice way of saying you're getting a few gray hairs) you'll remember the mini bikes we used to ride with single cylinder Briggs and Stratton engines. I put a lot of miles on mine and that engine was as reliable and bulletproof as they come. It was easy to work on, too. You can still buy mini bikes like that but these days, mini choppers are the way to go. Mini chopper builders can choose any engine at all and the popular choice is Briggs and Stratton, especially when you look at the V-twin configuration. The Vanguard looks good, has a lot of custom parts available and is used in several different forms of racing, so you know it can stand up to hard use.

Briggs and Stratton Vanguard Engine

The Vanguard engine is a 90 degree overhead valve V-twin available in models from 16hp to 23hp. It has a spin on oil filter and replaceable valve guides and seals.

Briggs and Stratton Vanguard engineThis engine is used in many different racing classes like 600 racing, Legends racing, Bandolero racing, European winged racing karts and more.

One of the best features of a V-twin is the way it sounds. With the right exhaust headers it gets that deep rumble that just sounds right in a mini chopper. No "ring-ding-ding" two stroke here. This is the real thing.

This engine has as much torque and horsepower as many smaller displacement motorcycles. This is not a toy or downsized engine, it will turn your mini chopper into a real motorcycle. At least one mini chopper builder uses this engine in their street legal model so you know the performance is there and many others use it for several choppers in their lineup.

High performance modifications

Modified V-TwinThe Briggs and Stratton Vanguard engine can be modified for high performance so if the stock power output is not enough, you can have more and as many of us like to say, "There's no such thing as too much horsepower." Build yourself a real performance mini chopper. One person that caters to the power hungry is Al Hodges at Performance V-Twins, part of Performance Karting. Al has been around these engines for many years and turns out some real monsters for a whole host of racing applications from ATV's and boats to racing lawnmowers.

Custom parts for your Briggs and Stratton engine

That photo at the top gives you an idea of what a Vanguard engine looks like but a custom mini chopper needs custom appearance pieces. Several builders offer custom housings to give the engine a custom look and adapters are available to replace the air cleaner with a custom Kuryakyn Hypercharger unit that utilizes a K&N air filter, the same type used on many full size choppers.

Briggs and Stratton Vanguard engines are the V-Twin choice

If you decide to go the V-twin route with your mini chopper, the Vanguard engine is arguably the best choice. From performance, reliability and aftermarket parts to the performance options available, it covers all the bases.