How To Build Your Own Custom Mini Chopper, building a mini chopper motorcycle

How to build your own custom mini chopper.

The secret is out, you can do it yourself.

What does it take to build your own custom mini chopper? It takes desire, know-how and time. That's it! There is no magic involved. Everything you need starts with the decision to build the mini chopper. Everything else follows. What you don't know or know how to do, you can learn. If someone tells you it's too hard or too complex, ignore them and start building. You can do it. Anything worth having or doing takes time and effort, your own hand built custom mini chopper that shows off your skill and creativity is no different. Be a builder!

No one builds everything.

The word build means different things to different people. When you build a model car or model airplane you assemble a kit that a company put together. Some model builders "scratch build" and take plastic, wood and metal and create a model from plans. They usually started building kits and as their skill and experience increased they decided to do more on their own. Some draw their own plans. It all depends on what they want to do.

A mini chopper is just like that. You can assemble a kit, buy parts from a lot of different places and assemble those or buy the raw materials like steel tubing and sheet metal and really build it from scratch. Of course, unless you are doing metal casting at home you'll buy the engine and some other parts, it's just a matter of where you draw the line. There ARE people who do metal casting, which is a neat hobby in itself and some do lots of machining, too.

What do you need to know?

If you are thinking of building a mini chopper you probably have a set of tools in the garage or basement. Knowing the basics of mechanical assembly and having a little experience working on a car or motorcycle, a bicycle or mini bike, maybe a lawnmower and you could consider a kit. If you are really inexperienced you'll need to go slow and not be afraid to ask for a little help when you get stuck. If you are comfortable with tools and know how things work, a kit should be well within your skill level though the painting and finish work may be where you'll need to learn something new.

Do you know all about assembly and painting? Do you know how to weld? Buy some tubing and build your own frame. If you're not sure about design you can buy a set of plans or you can learn about design and draw your own. You can also get design software and create your chopper on your computer. What about sheet metal? Get out the hammers and form your own tank, you'll need to weld that, too.

It's your mini chopper, you decide.

Decide how much you want to do yourself, figure out what you know already and what you need to learn. Maybe you could do this with someone else. It could be a perfect father / son project or something for you and a friend. If there's more than one doing the work, combine your skills. You might find you have far more ability as a team. That's how some great companies began. Are you getting the idea? You can do it.

We are here to help.

All Custom Mini Choppers is here to bring you what you need to know. You may be getting the idea that I like the hands on approach instead of buying everything. You would be right. I also like the higher quality work done by companies and individuals who care about what they do. I'm not a big fan of the cheap, mass produced imports.

I will be adding a lot of information to help you build your own mini chopper and pointing you in the direction of some really good materials so you can learn what you don't yet know.

So make a decision, grab your tools and get going. And be sure to send in a picture when you're done! We'll put it up on this site and you can show everyone what a little desire and determination can do!