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Custom Mini Chopper Kits

Where to buy your own custom mini chopper kit or get parts for your own mini chopper motorcycle project

Buying a complete mini chopper can be an easy way to get your wheels fast but a lot of us like building things and mini chopper kits are just what we need. You get a sense of pride when you see the complete project and you know you did it yourself. It's surprising to find out how many companies that call themselves builders are really assemblers, they take the same parts you can buy and put them all together. There's nothing wrong with that, it's just something to keep in mind when you're out shopping. If you get a mini chopper kit, you may save money, since you don't pay someone else for labor, but it can cost more if you have to hire out too much of the finish work. 

Mini chopper kits or parts

Kits are just that, they have most everything necessary to build a complete mini chopper, minus the engine, though sometimes that is included, too. If you are doing the work yourself, you don't have to confine yourself to complete kits and instead you can buy parts from many different suppliers, just be sure everything will work together. The greater your skill the more freedom you have to source your parts.

Mini chopper dealers

The number of dealers for custom mini choppers, kits and parts is changing all the time. In some cases, one builder provides parts that others resell. In other cases the dealers all source from the same national suppliers. All builders use a combination of their own skills, talents and capabilities along with local companies to fill in where it makes sense. Painting is usually outsourced.

Complete kits have all of the parts, but you do all of the assembly and finishing and when you combine the price of the kit with what you will spend doing the rest, you may be ahead to buy a complete mini chopper. If you have the skills to assemble and finish a kit, you may be better off buying parts as necessary. It's your money, you make the call.