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Custom Mini Chopper Parts

What are all of the parts that go into a custom mini chopper?

It doesn't matter if you have decided to build a mini chopper from plans, buy parts from a lot of different suppliers or buy a mini chopper kit from a builder, you still need to know what all of the parts are. If you buy a kit you will need to compare all of the different kits and see what is included and more importantly, what is left out. If you are going to look for all of the parts yourself, you need to have a list before you start so you know what to look for.

Amazingly enough, there are not that many parts. The highest cost item is the engine which varies a lot depending on your choice. The reason some mini choppers cost far more than others is because some are very well designed and constructed with high quality parts and assembled and finished with far greater skill, precision and care. They may also include a greater number of custom made parts.

Very few mini chopper parts are unique, they are used many other places.

Think about it. A mini chopper is not a custom made Swiss watch with special gears and mechanisms. Mini choppers are downsized choppers for full size people. Some parts will be the same no matter what size the chopper is. So what does that mean? It means mini chopper parts may come from the same companies that make full size choppers and motorcycles. It means other parts come from companies making parts for other types of equipment. In fact, what is the ONE part unique to a mini chopper? The frame, nothing else, well the rear fender, too, I suppose but that can be adapted from other kinds of fenders. All of the other "mini chopper parts" are really chopper parts or small engine parts or electrical or mechanical parts used many places, you just need to know what they are and where to look.

A mini chopper parts list

  • Frame: The truly unique part of a mini chopper because of the size. This you will need to buy from a builder or build one yourself.
  • Forks, triple tree, steering stem: These could be custom built or adapted from full size motorcycles
  • Mirrors
  • Handlebars, risers, grips
  • Fenders and mounting hardware
  • Foot pegs, kick stand
  • Seat
  • Front and rear wheels
  • Front and rear tires
  • Axles, hubs, bearings
  • Engine
  • Exhaust pipe
  • Drive assembly: In a full size chopper this would be the transmission, in a mini chopper this can be various configurations of clutches, torque converters, chains or belts
  • Rear sprocket for chain or belt
  • Chain guard or belt guard
  • Front and rear brakes: Various configurations are possible here
  • Brake pedals and levers
  • Brake control cables, tubing, etc., depends on type of brakes
  • Gas tank
  • Fuel shutoff valve, tubing
  • Oil tank: maybe
  • Throttle control assembly
  • Choke control assembly
  • Battery, bracket and cables: If electric start and lights
  • Electrical items: ignition switch, solenoid, light switch, headlight, taillight
  • Custom covers for engine and other dress up items
  • Bolts, nuts, screws, hose clamps, wire, wire connectors, plastic tie wraps or similar for holding wires and cables in place
  • Finish materials, powder coating, paint, abrasives for buffing metals, polish for paint and metal

Mini chopper variations are endless

Whatever you can imagine, you can do if you have the skill, money or time. Mini choppers can be plain and functional or exotic showpieces. They can be fun projects, a way to learn new skills or an example of what you can do. It's your mini chopper, do whatever you want.