Custom Mini Choppers

Custom Mini Choppers - custom choppers you can ride, and afford!

How to buy or build your own custom mini chopper

Mini Choppers or Mini Bikes?

Mini bikes have come a long way! Some years ago (more than I care to admit), we rode little rigid frame mini bikes with Briggs and Stratton engines and they were a blast but they were nothing like today's custom mini choppers. The emphasis then was on function and they worked very well but the mini chopper of today combines much better function with incredible style. In fact, you'll  have to look twice when you see one of these custom mini choppers, you won't believe the quality work and attention to detail that goes into their construction. Sometimes from a distance, you can't even tell they're not full size. These bikes are works of art that can be ridden. Anyone who appreciates motorcycles and custom building will really like the look of these machines.

Mini Chopper Builders:

Let's start right out with a reality check. If you buy a mini chopper for $399 or thereabouts, you are getting a mass produced machine from the Far East. There's nothing wrong with that and you can have a lot of fun with one of those, it's probably a good choice for someone who's very young and just wants a neat little chopper, but, if you have your heart set on something that has a real chopper look to it, you are going to spend a fair bit more than that, maybe a lot more. This is where you will be looking at custom mini chopper builders, probably in the U.S. and most likely doing low volume, higher quality work. There are getting to be quite a few builders, some just starting out and some who have been in the business for a couple of years. We are putting a mini chopper builder list together of some of these folks and you may want to look at their sites to see what kind of bike they turn out.

Mini Chopper Engines:

Mini chopper engines range from 47cc or 49cc two strokes all the way up to 570cc 4 strokes and larger with performance that rivals smaller full size motorcycles. For the most part, these bikes are not legal for street use, though the larger motored versions may be with the right options which varies from state to state. Check your local laws.  They are primarily intended for private property and off road use.

Mini Choppers Are Not Just For Kids

You'll find custom mini choppers all over the country just like their full size cousins. Although their small size sometimes suggests these bikes are for children, the larger engine variety is very capable of giving adults an exciting ride and lots of fun. Look at the various builders and see what they offer. If you look very hard you might find a mini chopper in your garage real soon.